Accelerated Inbound Marketing

Accelerated Inbound Marketing

Rapidly fill your pipeline with high-potential opportunities and connect them to your sales team

What is Accelerated Inbound Marketing?

Accelerated Inbound Marketing allows you to rapidly fill your pipeline with high-potential opportunities and connect them to your sales team.

Rather than waiting to be found (inbound marketing), the AIM strategy puts you directly in front of your prospects with a combination of targeted advertising and direct contact.

The AIM strategy is built for companies who have a succinct product offering directed towards specific audience groups, who are looking to grow their pipeline, expand into new territories, and/or enter new markets.

AIM Process

Accelerated Inbound Marketing starts with building a list of High-Potential Opportunities, and leverages multiple channels to place your brand and capabilities in front of your target prospects.

By combining digital and direct outreach, you will increase the probability that you will be able to start a conversation with your ideal customers, in a manner similar to how you may follow up after a trade show meeting.

AIM Timeline

An AIM Campaign typically takes around 4 weeks to launch.

The main activities of the campaign are ongoing, and should continue for at least 9 months in order to allow ample time for your digital advertising to saturate the market, and for your sales team to conduct thorough follow ups.  We also need to allow time for your natural buying cycle to take place, which may depend on your industry, products and customers.

Sequence of events is important at the start because we will want to allow the digital ads and mailings to hit your prospects before you begin to pick up the phone and send direct emails.

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