There’s an older gent that lives down the street from me, by himself. His several children have all grown and gone from the area, busily raising families for themselves. We met at the mailbox a few weeks ago and I asked how his family was doing – you know, just making idle chat. Well, he went on to tell me that getting on the internet was the best thing he had ever done. His family now seemed closer than ever to him. He chats with his grandchildren every couple of days. Keeps in close contact via email. Gets to watch videos of concerts and sports events his busy family are involved in. For him, the internet has been a Godsend!

How about your e-commerce family? Are they keeping in touch? Are they placing orders like they used to? How many of them are regularly visiting your site. For that matter, how many hits is your e-commerce site getting a week as compared to last year – two years ago? If your customers have not been paying the attention to you that they had been or if you are not gaining interest from new customers like you think you should be, there may be something about your website that needs some improvement.

What is being done about Search Engine Optimization for your site? Are you paying to have SEO services but not getting the bang for your buck you were? It might not be the economy! It might just be that other sites’ SEO is working better than your SEO! Search Engine Optimization is not something you set up once and walk away from. SEO is, or should be, an ongoing monitoring of the number of hits you are receiving from internet searches as related to other sites that are using the same key words in their SEO efforts.

So, here’s a little plain talk about SEO: Your web specialist should be monitoring the number of hits you are getting every month at the very least. And, if you start falling down the ranking return list, your specialist needs to know why and he needs to know how to fix it. In the e-commerce world, it is a competition among SEO specialists to keep their clients at or near the top of the first page that Google, Bing, and others return. If you stay near the top, they are doing their job better than their competitors are. If not, they are not doing their jobs right and it is you that is losing money on your bottom line. No hits, no sales. Fewer hits, fewer sales.

To take it one-step beyond SEO (while still directly connected to it), you – the boss – and your team should be keeping on top of web page content, too. What are your competitors offering that you are not…and why? How is their information displayed on their site? IF and when someone visits your site, is their navigation to what they want to read easy and obvious to them? Or do they have to dig around to find what they want.

It’s time you had a professional take a hard look at your site and tell you not only what is wrong, but also tell you what he can do to fix it and what he will do to keep it fixed. We’re here, waiting for your call!