This is not the blog we had planned on writing. When we started out the week, talking about web design was about the farthest thing from our minds. But, something happened to change our direction of thought:

Early on Monday Morning, we got a call from a prospective client who asked if he could meet with us to discuss the possibility of having us completely redo his web page. As we always do, we packed up our stuff and went right to his office. And here’s where the story gets interesting…

This client (yes, we did reach an agreement) had been frustrated with his web site and with the little bit of impact it had upon the e-commerce side of his business for going on 18 months. He had actually begun a website redo with another designer, only to cancel the contract in frustration when he found out how little the designer was hearing what it was he wanted and how little the designer was allowing him to be part of the design and implementation process.

A couple of weeks ago, he had been at a networking meeting with some of his business contacts and associates and overheard a couple of guys talking about how pleased they were with their new website and about how they were already seeing a positive change in their e-commerce business. When he got home that night, he visited their websites to find out why their site was, obviously, meeting their needs so much better than his had been. Long story short, he was blown away with the entire site from both these businesses. The design, the flow, the ease of use…of search…of placing orders….the whole thing. It took him a couple of days of visit and revisit, of thought and rethought, before he finally picked up the phone and called both of his networking contacts. One of them opened up to him and totally discussed not only how his website was working for him, but shared who the web designer was…and, of course, you have already figured out that it was webSURGE. While the other guy was a little more reluctant to share information with our then client-to-be due to concerns about possible competition, he did finally verify that his site, too, had been designed by webSURGE.

There’s no question about it: The best advertising comes from a satisfied customer. But the bottom line here is that there are different levels of competency of web designers out there and, while we believe we are the absolute best at what we do, we remind you that, when you are seeking a new designer – no matter who it may be – that the website you want is YOUR idea…YOUR dream and that you should be an integral part of the process from concept to conclusion. If you don’t think that is how your current relationship with your web designer is, look else where. Fast! And, while you’re in the process, at least check us out at