Businesses constantly create new goals for their marketing and sales teams. However, do you feel new goals are set each year but never achieved? We have put together the top three reasons you are not reaching your marketing goals.

1.) Does your marketing department communicate with sales?

Many companies put the blame on either the marketing or the sales departments for not reaching their sales quotas. It’s no secret these two departments don’t always get along. We know it’s important to establish goals for your company, but it is even more important to understand the process of obtaining those qualified leads to convert into customers.

If your department has no communication with sales, you are setting your company up for failure no matter how much money you throw at it. The sales department needs to be informed, but marketing also needs to listen to sales. Their messaging tactics need to be the same to reach your goals.

Marketing and sales are both trying to generate leads, but if none of these leads are qualified, then you are just spinning your wheels.

Companies who align marketing and sales increase their growth and profitability. Working together to implement lead nurturing campaigns will start bringing in qualified leads. A highly qualified lead will keep your sales team happy, and they will then convert more leads into customers.

There are many ways for marketing to play nicely with sales to improve communication.  It’s more than just having managers communicate about goals. All employees socialize with one another.

The same lesson can be used here: “There is no I in team.”

2.) Are your marketing goals aligned with the business strategy?

Do your goals align with your mission statement? It seems like a no brainer that your marketing goals should align with your company’s strategy. However, more times than not, departmental plans are created independently and are not communicated throughout the company. According to Forrester Research, 92% of B2B companies have a marketing and sales alignment problem.

To properly align the marketing goals with your company, make sure you are involved in the planning process with all the departments. You need to understand how each department’s puzzle piece fits together.

3.) Do you have a detailed marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy should not only include what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, but should also align with SMART goals. SMART goals follow the criteria of specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Review all your marketing collateral, both printed and digital. Understand and update your customer profile, persona, and buyer’s journey. Your marketing strategy isn’t set in stone. You may need to develop tactical plans for individual issues that may arise such as lead generation, inbound marketing, or social media

If you’re missing your marketing goals, they’re ultimately not aligned with the sales team’s goals. Download our free ebook to learn how marketing and sales can play nicely to begin generating qualified leads.