What’s the use of spending all that money to develop a website that attracts customers to you if it doesn’t fully support your e-commerce business? We’re not talking about an out-of-the-box solution that allows your customers to just place an order like on any other site they may access. Yes, of course, your business depends on getting orders for your product. But think about the following things for a minute:

Our e-automation service is designed to and will provide you with e-commerce enhancements that will broaden both the horizon of your sales and your total ability to handle and service those sales from start to finish! webSURGE provides you with the ability to automate your sales – not only through the obvious “e-commerce” development route, but also by creating specifically tailored sales solutions to fit your company’s exact process.

As most companies are publishing their pricing on their e-commerce sites for all their competition to see, they are battling in a purely price driven marketplace. Undercutting one-another just to get the sale, even if they will only profit in pennies, not dollars. What if you did not have to publish your pricing?
We have a solution for you!

We have the ability to develop a custom quoting system which allows customers to submit their order for a quote online, and develop a custom online order form which is secured for their viewing only. We have platforms where we can create literally thousands of these order forms with ease for your customers use, and we can do it without having to broadcast your pricing.
A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Automate your sales process with video! We can develop custom video for your sales reps to use, or for your customers to view online to demonstrate your products and services.

What about the rest of the sales process – fulfillment? Sure, e-commerce is a part of this process and it’s a great thing to be able to receive orders, but it is only a small part. The ability to sell a product through your website and collect payment is a great time saving effort. Did you know we can connect UPS WorldShip, US Postal Service and FedEx shipping systems into your e-commerce platform so that when a product is ordered, a pickup/delivery is scheduled directly with a carrier, a tracking number is issued, and that tracking number can be proactively sent to the customer to keep them informed of the status of their order? How many person hours would that save you? What about your customer support process?

webSURGE will automate your customer support processes, and create the ability to offer more. We can review your existing manual support processes, and offer suggestions regarding online repair ticket systems, online help desks, and instant chat support.

Don’t you think it’s about time you gave us a call to see what we can do for you…and for the growth of your e-commerce business?