Web design is guided by business goals

Our team of lead gen thinkers, graphic designers, and SEO experts know the right questions to ask and work closely beside you to create a web design that drives your business goals.

Websites Are Designed for Visitors

While you can’t have one without the other, we distinguish “web design” apart from “web development.” When we talk web design we specifically refer to the frontend of a website (e.g., navigation, graphics, colors), whereas we use the term web development to describe the backend components of a website (e.g., coding, content management systems, ERP systems). In other words, web design includes everything that can be seen and controlled by any website visitor. Design and development are tied together but the backend influences the functionality of the frontend. Our team provides our clients the understanding how these two components work together to accomplish their goals of the site. You can learn more about web development, or you can continue reading about our web design services below.

The real challenge with web design is that not everyone agrees on how a visitor should interact with a website.

Web Design Isn’t Easy

How can you get a company of executives, engineers, and salespeople to agree on a new website design? You’re not alone if you think this is a daunting task. A new website can affect each department, personal opinions rise up like stumbling blocks and threaten the web design progress. Meanwhile, your outdated website is failing to capture an increasing amount of business opportunities. In fact, 94% of B2B buyers research online, including 84.3% who said they check a business’ website prior to a purchase decision (Acquity Group, 2014).

Uncover the Function of Your Website

So how can you get the ball rolling for your company’s new web design? The first and most important question to ask is: how will your website help to accomplish your business goals? While every department has a different strategy, all of them should share similar business goals. Once your company’s business goals are uncovered, the necessary web components can fall into place.

How Business Goals Drive Web Design

You can incorporate all sorts of interesting designs into your website, but if business goals aren’t driving design decisions a new website won’t accomplish much. We believe it’s very important for marketers to view web design as one part of a complete business strategy. That’s why our web design team is made up of lead gen thinkers, graphic designers, and SEO experts. These professionals look at your website from multiple marketing angles and help you ask the right questions.

Web Design Creates a Path for Visitors

What do you want customers to do when they visit your website? You might want your website to collect or distribute information. For example, your website could guide visitors to:

  • Fill out a form or survey
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Consume content (e.g., articles, videos, ebooks, downloads)
  • Discover upcoming events

Or you may want your website to drive sales. In this case, our web designers would create a path that guides visitors to make a purchase, or call a sales rep. Perhaps it’s brand awareness and you need your website to be designed as a digital brochure that showcases your brand personality, achievements, and products or services.

Design with Purpose

Once you see web design through the lens of business goals, all the design aspects will have a specific, unbiased purpose. We will help you choose graphics, colors, and layouts that web design rochester nyattract your ideal prospects. Also, we will create pathways through dynamic and interactive navigation that will best nurture leads. Together we will evaluate assets your website currently features, should feature, or needs to have replaced.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress CMS (content management system) is our preferred platform to use for website designs. Consistently rising in popularity, WordPress is used by almost 30% of all websites in existence! WordPress provides an incredible amount of benefits to website owners, especially in regards to design. WordPress offers thousands of preset themes; however, our designers typically create web layouts from scratch to tailor to the custom needs of our clients. A main reason we like to design with WordPress is because it gives our client a simple way to log in to a secure area and make changes to their website without having any background in programming languages. Partnering with webSURGE for a WordPress web design makes for a smooth and easy process.

Designing with webSURGE

Imagine having a team of marketing experts who know the right questions to ask to get your staff to rally together on a web design that compliments your company’s business strategy. Imagine designing your website alongside a team of digital marketing experts who have experience designing websites from every possible marketing angle. Imagine if your website could convert the near 85% of B2B buyers who are looking at your website. If you need a new website, or need to address an outdated one, let us guide you through the process that drives your business goals and provides the form and function your audience expects.