Video Marketing Improves Lead Generation

We work with business leaders to improve the quantity and quality of sales leads through video marketing.

Video marketing creates an especially distinct opportunity for manufacturers. Unlike other industry leaders, manufacturers can visually highlight actual parts, products, and processes to showcase to their customers.

Save Time Prospecting – Attract Customers Organically

Customers including engineers, buyers, and OEMs, are changing their buying behavior. They search for information online before talking to a sales rep, distributor, or provider. They’ll consult Google and YouTube, before getting on the phone with you. This buying behavior has made digital formats like web videos very successful at captivating audiences.

Imagine reducing the time it takes for your sales team to research prospects, present a business case, and discuss your offering. What if you could get your most important message in front of highly qualified prospects with the click of a button? What if you showed them how to reduce cycle time and material cost in a nice, clean, fresh, and to the point video? Then customers would start coming to YOU to make first contact.

Videos Succeed as Part of a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing places your company in a brighter spotlight than the competition. Videos educate and prove to customers that you’re the thought leader. Leveraging web videos as part of a complete digital marketing strategy will drive more and better leads into your sales funnel.

If this is important or interesting to you, contact us. During our conversation we can discuss feasibility, potential business return, and determine if adding video to your digital marketing strategy is best fit to improve lead generation.

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