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Our ad agency partners closely beside you to create a custom marketing campaign that can reach a multichannel world.

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While cultural technology makes it absolutely vital for your business to have an online presence, there are still enormous benefits in reaching audiences through traditional marketing methods. In fact, mixing traditional marketing (TV, radio, outdoor) with online marketing (SEO, PPC, social media) can amplify your campaign and accomplish specific business goals.  

When you partner with our ad agency, you receive a team of creatives who take time to learn about your specific company and industry. This knowledge gives us the ability to understand your brand message, target audience, and business rochester ny

Once we know these key concepts about your company, we can accurately guide you on which avenues are best to invest your marketing budget. Depending on your message, we may suggest ongoing or seasonal campaigns. What might these campaigns include? Below are the top traditional marketing services we provide for our clients.

Media Buying

When it comes to traditional marketing, our ad agency places a heavy emphasis on media buying. Your creative might be topnotch, but if you can’t reach the right audience at the right time, you’ll have wasted your time and money. Our media buyers stay in close communication with business owners and marketing chiefs to make certain that we understand your budget and goals. We take that information and match it up with audience stats and media ratings to find the most effective combination of media for your campaign. Take a look below at the specific media we use to drive your message to your audience.

TV Advertising

Our ad agency produces TV spots for clients who want to captivate a large, segmented audience. Thanks to its multisensory appeal, TV captures the full attention of an audience – increasing ad recall. Our creative producers meet with you to develop a concept that delivers your brand and strikes an emotional chord with your audience. Our media buyers study TV ratings and viewership reports to buy air time that complements your budget and the goal of your campaign.

Why TV? Despite rumors of television fading behind internet media, the average American consumes 4-5 hours of TV everyday (Nielsen, 2016). With nationally watched programming, including NFL’s Super Bowl, NCAA’s March Madness, and popular dramas and sitcoms, a massive appeal towards television still remains. People still love watching and talking about it. And that’s exactly what you want people to do with your brand. TV ads give you an opportunity to join that conversation. Our ad agency would love to help your company harness the power of TV.

Radio Advertising

Our ad agency produces radio spots for clients who are trying to reach a large audience FAST. We’ll meet with you to discuss your brand, buyers, and business goals to develop a creative and compelling radio advertisement. In order to ensure that your message reaches buyers, we rely on listener statistics so that your radio ad receives the best possible return on investment.

Why radio? Research shows that radio DAILY reaches 59% of the entire population in our country (Statista, 2012). Besides reaching your target audience, how else might radio benefit your marketing strategy? Other benefits of radio:

  • Allows your brand to borrow a voice that your audience already trusts
  • Captures immediate response for time-sensitive campaigns
  • Increases ad recall when combined with internet ads

Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising, or outdoor advertising, includes any ads that target people when they’re away from home. Billboards, bus stops, retail centers, posters displayed at theatres, sport arenas, and kiosks are all examples of out of home advertising. Out of home advertising contains several key advantages, such as:

  • Can’t be turned off or muted at the flip of a switch
  • Captivates audiences
  • Targets consumers while they’re on the go
  • Utilizes the time commuters spend in a vehicle
  • Effectively contributes to purchasing decisions

Your professional ad agency at webSURGE provides outdoor ads to connect all possible puzzle pieces in the big picture of your marketing strategy.

Print Advertising

Our ad agency provides impressive print designs and physical resources for all your business collateral. When your sales reps meet with clients, leaving behind print materials such as brochures and sell sheets offer them a tangible, professional reminder of your services. We also produce flyers, posters, spec sheets, business cards, ads and more. Whatever your print needs, our talented team of graphic designers and creative writers will equip marketing rochester nyyour sales and marketing team with valuable collateral.

Public Relations

A strategic PR campaign increases recognition for your company’s brand within the community. Capitalizing on newsworthy stories and interests, your public relations strategy positions your company in a favorable light among the general public. Our ad agency uses print and digital publications, trade journals, and broadcast media to promote brand credibility within the industry and keep the public informed of your company’s impact on your industry and on our community.   

A successful public relations strategy:

  • Manages your company’s reputation
  • Promotes your company as an expert in your industry
  • Represents the communication bridge between your company and the general public
  • Builds positive publicity among the community
  • Maintains brand awareness

A well-defined, well executed PR strategy with webSURGE complements your overarching, multichannel marketing campaign so no opportunities are missed.

Are you ready to mix these powerful strategies into your marketing efforts? Our ad agency would love to get you started.