We know what you’re thinking. Social media is not effective in B2B markets.

We are here to tell you that assumption is what’s holding your business back.

Not only is social media effective in B2B markets, but it’s essential in today’s digital age.

Why It’s Important

Many B2B companies are surprised to learn how many of their customers use social media – 74% of all internet users are active on social media, and we can guarantee your prospects are too. Because of this rise in users, social media is increasingly catering to businesses, including B2B industries such as IT and manufacturing.

Social media is often the first touchpoint with your customers. It brings awareness, and with the right approach, qualified leads to your business. Your project manager will work with you to construct a content calendar that accurately represents your business and its core messaging, keeping you involved in every step of the process.

What We Do

Social media is more than a post every now and then.

It’s part of a comprehensive strategy designed to bring more leads to your business. From the development, to the execution, to the follow-up, we can manage every step of your social media presence.

 social-media-marketingSocial Media Strategy Development

The most expensive mistake businesses can make is launching a social media campaign without a strategy. Your digital marketing analysis serves as the foundation for all we do, social included. Our strategy is based on rock solid data, individualized research, and best-in-class practices.

social media marketing rochester nysocial-media-marketingContent Creation

What’s the point of social if you have nothing to say? We create and curate a unique set of content based on your strategy and target personas. Social media works in conjunction with your web pages and articles to drive relevant traffic to your website.

social-media-marketingCommunity Management

Social media is not a one-sided platform – it’s a conversation between you and your customers. Believe us when we say that your customers expect to be responded to in a timely manner. Our team works closely with you to build relationships with your prospects and establish a community of trust and thought leadership.

social-media-marketingMedia Buying

If you want to be effective on social media, you have to put some dollars towards your digital marketing efforts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube all have paid social platforms to help your message reach the right people.  Our team works with you to choose the spend and the medium to create a lead-generating paid campaign.


Data is easy to get in social media, but not all of it is important. We work with your business to find what goals you are trying to achieve and provide full reporting on metrics essential for your business. Social media analytics allow us to test and track results so that we can identify the most effective strategies.