Everything we do has SEO (search engine optimization) in mind; however, the page and position in which your website ranks on search engines (like Google) is not always an accurate measure of your sales. While your website might rank the highest for a particular search phrase, that keyword might not be one your customers commonly use, or it might be one that searchers don’t even associate with your industry (e.g., your pump manufacturing website ranks the highest for “pumps,” but searchers who find your website are looking for shoes). SEO is a strategy that can deliver leads, but keep in mind that pagerank alone doesn’t indicate the success or failure of your business – actual sales do. Our approach to SEO is analysis driven:
Discuss, research, and analyze keywords to find phrases your prospects actually use in their searches.

  • Create search-friendly content and use it to generate relevant backlinks to your website.
  • Monitor page rank movement and its effect on your overall sales.
  • Run reports to refine an SEO strategy that actually generates sales.