Does your company generate enough high-interest sales leads to meet your sales quota? Does your company’s current lead generation system have what it takes to keep your company afloat in a competitive economy? As a business owner, people are depending on you – customers, your employees, their families. Without a dependable lead generation strategy, your sales team won’t have a healthy pipeline to close enough sales and grow your business.

Lead generation begins with marketing. Digital Marketing is an umbrella term we use to describe promoting or selling products and/or services through internet connected devices using display and search network advertising, social media, video, ad content through your company’s website, and other mediums.

We work with business owners like you to increase the quality and quantity of sales leads to improve your sales results. Our first step toward gaining you more leads is a digital marketing analysis.

What is a Digital Marketing Analysis?

A digital marketing analysis provides your company with a benchmark of improvement in the digital space. The analysis is a helpful tool to start a strategic digital marketing campaign – it’s all the pre-work necessary for a successful strategy to provide a solid foundation for any digital efforts moving forward. Our experience in digital marketing has taught us that none of our efforts can be successful long-term unless we first complete a comprehensive analysis of your company’s digital landscape.

A competitive digital analysis is an assessment of how your company currently appears online – aka, your online presence. You can think of it as a SWOT analysis: evaluating your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the digital space to help determine a potential business method to improve sales.

How do your potential customers find you online? What phrases do they type into search engines that bring them to your website? What opinion do they form of you when they land on your brand – including your website, social channel(s), online reviews, etc? What are your competitors doing?

During this analysis, we gain a thorough understanding of your company’s current digital standing. We then create a specific digital marketing strategy that pinpoints exactly what needs to be done to set your company on the correct path to accomplish your company’s sales goals.

Our commitment to performing a competitive digital analysis before any other services are offered sets us apart from other marketing agencies. We want you to fully understand the many opportunities and efficiencies that are available in the digital arena before you commit any resources to developing content, websites, ads, or any type of online campaign. We also offer a digital marketing analysis as a stand-alone service.

The Digital Marketing Analysis Process


We create a well-researched keyword list based on words you provide to us, key industry phrases that best describe your product or services, relevant keywords most commonly searched by your target audience, short-tail and long-tail keywords (i.e. electric motor [short-tail keyword] vs. low voltage electric motor suppliers [long-tail keyword]), main keywords from your top competitors, keywords in context with your business and potential clients, keywords with relatively high monthly search volume combined with relatively low competition, and keywords you are already ranking for. In the end we may have a list containing over a hundred keywords. We take this list and narrow it down to 15-20 keywords, which becomes our recommended short list to focus on for the first several months. However, this list is not set in stone; we can continue to add and refine keywords as we go.

original keyword list

Original Keyword List From Client

New keyword list

Finalized Keyword List


We determine where your online traffic to your website is coming from – organic, referral, social, etc. For new clients, most of their online traffic comes from directly typing in the company’s web address (URL) into a search engine, or through organic search using variations of the company name.

Organic website traffic

Website Audit

We run your company’s current website through our on-site analysis tool and record the site optimization percentage, page speed score for both desktop and mobile, and if the website includes a responsive design.

Website Page Speed AuditMobile website page speed


We research your competitors to see what they are doing in the digital space, such as SEO ranking, backlinks, social networking, and website traffic. We review their websites from an end-user’s perspective both visually and functionally. We also use certain software to scan the sites as Google and other major search engines would scan them to see “behind the scenes” and better understand how they are spending their resources to market themselves.

Concept Design

Based on our research, we offer concept designs based on best practices as a starting point for a new website. The designs are modified according to your preferences.

Example of Designer’s Comments:

  • I chose to make the site feel very modern and colorful to reflect your company’s way of conducting business.
  • I used the circle motif from your logo throughout.
  • I’ve indicated some animation and hover effects on the call-to-action buttons for some additional interactivity.
  • Overall, I thought it would be fun and optimistic to add some contrasting colors.
  • I spent a while searching for the perfect image for the header but realized it would be too literal and thought this artistic effect of a busy building would better illustrate productivity in a modern way.


Based on the results of the digital marketing analysis, we make recommendations based on best practices. To help you begin winning more high-interest sales leads, we offer specific suggestions on an updated web design, website development, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, automated inbound lead nurturing campaign, and more.

We recommend a digital marketing analysis for all clients who want to begin digital marketing. Contact us today to schedule a time to get started!