Want better targeting and analytics for your advertisements? The beauty of digital ads is that they break traditional advertising constraints such as time, reach, and format. With the recent and dramatic changes in digital ad technology, you can now launch a campaign that can target and reach anyone in the world through multiple platforms (e.g., directories, online magazines/forums, mobile apps, news channels). And, because they are digital, these ads can be designed in any size, shape, or format, including:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Interactive

Our approach to Google ad campaigns includes a meeting with you to discuss advertising strategies such as banner ads, retargeting, and search engine marketing (SEM). Digital ads are great for brand awareness, time-sensitive promotions, and driving valuable traffic to your website. As a Google Adwords partner, we’re equipped with the ability to create and administer high performing ad campaigns. We’re able to place your ad on google digital ads rochester nymultiple display networks (e.g., Google Display Network) so that it reaches the most qualified prospects. Here’s a look at how we walk beside you through the digital ad campaign process:

  • Interview you for ad content
  • Create ad design for your approval
  • Negotiate CPV (cost-per-view) bid rates
  • Monitor & analyze progress
  • Adjust campaign for optimal CTRs (click-through-rates)