5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Branding Opportunities

LinkedIn, with over 467 million users, is a social channel for professional networking and branding. It differs from alternative social channels like Twitter and Facebook in its sophisticated atmosphere and mature status among the community. This platform empowers individuals to be found, learn, share, and grow in any given career.

 LinkedIn allows …

  • job-seekers to interact with business professionals
  • business owners to attract skilled employees
  • companies to generate interest in their brand

LinkedIn is far more than merely a way to find employment. It’s a valuable tool you can use to promote your business and increase awareness for your brand. Almost 50% of users on LinkedIn own decision-making power – a factor that can greatly affect your company.
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1. How to Portray Your Company on LinkedIn

Your company’s profile on LinkedIn works 24/7 silently behind the scenes. Not only can it attract skilled, professional employees for those seeking a position in your industry, but it can also solidify your brand as an industry leader.

If you want your company to be successful on LinkedIn (who doesn’t?), you’ll need to create a complete, cohesive LinkedIn profile. This includes:

  • A professional profile picture (400×400 pixels and no larger than 10MB file size), perhaps the company’s logo or something industry-related
  • Background info of the company, such as a mission statement and a brief “About Us” paragraph
  • A customized URL (such as the company’s name), not the automatically generated one that LinkedIn provides
  • Keyword-rich content related to the industry (not keyword “stuffing,” but enough for SEO)
  • An eye-catching background image to display a miniature portfolio of the company’s achievements, something that points to the quality of services/products
  • A descriptive company video in the summary/experience section

2. Build Upon Branding Opportunities

Once your company’s profile is complete, you’ll then need to earn endorsements and build meaningful, valuable connections to learn more about your followers (lead nurturing). LinkedIn is a way to introduce yourself to like-minded businessmen and women, as well as influential personnel you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise. Fortunately, this platform sends email reminders to connect with colleagues, friends, business owners, and industry thought leaders.

Endorsements are similar to recommendations for you or your company. Many people rely on mouth-to-mouth testimonials to validate a brand. When viewers see a good number of endorsements, meaning your claims are confirmed, they’ll be more willing to trust your company.

3. Create Valuable Content

As you build your connections and increase your following, consistently post valuable content, such as current projects, what you’re working toward and with/for whom. Posts show your followers that you’re active, up-to-date, and that you care. Many users use the search bar on LinkedIn to find information, industry leaders, and products or services, so they’ll have an easier time finding you the more often you post.

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Regarding LinkedIn articles, make sure your content is …

  • Long form (anywhere from 700 to 1,800 words)
  • Written with a professional voice
  • Easy and quick to read
  • A How-To or numbered list

All the content you create for your LinkedIn account, be it social posts, presentations, or blog articles, should include a link to your company’s website. Use LinkedIn to drive viewers to your website where the lead nurturing process can continue until you make a sale.

You can also join groups on LinkedIn that relate to your brand. Take a part in professional conversations with fellow industry leaders and experts. Give your brand a voice that can be trusted. If you know others in your company who would find value in the discussion, invite them too.

4. Like & Share Other’s Content

Creating your own unique content is only part of the strategy. As you get more involved in LinkedIn, remember to “like” other posts from industry leaders. A “like” demonstrates that you support the statement, while simultaneous getting your brand name out there.

Don’t stop with just likes. If another company posts a thought-provoking, well-written article related to your industry, share it with your followers. Sharing content not only delivers helpful information to your followers, but it’s also a favor to the one who originated the content. LinkedIn supports mutual encouragement of business efforts to build trustworthy connections.

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5. Take Advantage of Your Slideshare Account

LinkedIn allows you to use Slideshare, a platform where you can create compelling news items, presentations, videos, and company stories to share on your company’s profile feed. This tool can help solidify your brand as an industry authority and engages readers to take an interest in your company.

An added bonus, Google pays attention to Slideshare, so it’s a great opportunity to implement your keyword-rich strategy. Your presentation can help your brand show up on Page 1 of search engine results.
Once you’ve created your LinkedIn profile, make connections, and began posting on a consistent basis, give LinkedIn enough time to deliver the results you want. Clients might not find you on LinkedIn right away; it takes time to build a professional community and network with potential customers. Be patient, but definitely take advantage of yet another way for your company to be discovered online.

Is an Investment in Digital Marketing Right for Your Company?

Before your company begins to invest in digital marketing, you’ll want to be sure you have the right pieces in the right places internally.

Putting the cart before the horse, or haphazardly entering into digital marketing without a strategy built from core business objectives typically results in a massive, fruitless expense.

You’ll incur the cost of the marketing investment itself, as well the opportunity cost of missing out on a year or more of new business opportunities.

And it makes your leadership, sales team and books feel pretty sad.

Here is what you need to ask your company before making a decision around digital marketing.