Finding Qualified Workers for Manufacturing Companies

We’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for manufacturing and technology companies.

Many of our clients struggled with finding enough workers to fill their shops, so we started helping them attract qualified candidates.

We use targeted digital marketing, except we target workers with the skills you need.  We know they’re online, and we help you reach them.

After job boards, radio & newspaper ads, and staffing agencies fail, we help manufacturing companies find the qualified workers they need to fulfill orders and grow their business.

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Skilled Manufacturing Candidates

Find Skilled Labor So You Can Fulfill and Grow

75% of manufacturers are facing a moderate-to-severe shortage of skilled workers, and that deficit will rise as baby boomers go into retirement. As a result of low talent numbers, productivity, efficiency, safety, innovation, and company growth all suffer. Our program works alongside HR representatives to pick out talented candidates from social media platforms, often successfully recruiting individuals who weren’t actively seeking a job.

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Reach Your Candidates Where They Spend Their Free Time

Manufacturing today is modern and high-tech, and it is important for HR to catch up with that and be as modern as the industry,” says Brent Weil, Senior Vice President of The Manufacturing Institute.

Job seekers aren’t going to job fairs, listening to radio ads, or paying attention to billboards the same way they used to. What they are doing is scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  We help you reach them.

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Find Candidates that Aren’t Actively Seeking a Job

Unsurprisingly, many highly-skilled, reliable, experienced workers are already working and not looking for a new job. Job board postings won’t reach the majority of workers who are already employed, which is why a number of manufacturers have already turned to a new platform for recruiting: social media. It brings recruiters the capability to reach almost anyone in their chosen field, not just those seeking a new position.


Have a Pool of Qualified Candidates to Choose From

The lack of skilled manufacturing workers is prevalent across the nation – there’s a shortage everywhere. Companies are lucky to get a handful of applicants and are even luckier if there are one or two that look truly qualified. With a new way of recruiting, that handful of candidates can turn into an abundance.

“For the first time in a really long time, we have a plethora of skilled manufacturing applicants to choose from,” said Marissa Allen of Advantech Industries.

Use Advertising Dollars Efficiently

Traditional methods of recruiting mass numbers of candidates, like billboards, radio ads, and newspaper ads, may promise to reach a broad audience, but cost a lot and don’t give any targeting or reporting options.

Digital recruitment is more cost-efficient, can be changed and optimized in real time, have ultra-specific targeting, and provide easy-to-understand analytical data.

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