Improve Your Online Presence Part 2 Video Blog

Check out our Part 2 of 3 video blogs to start improving your business’ online presence. In this video, I will talk about the importance of enriching your website with content.

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Video Transcription

Welcome back I’m Mike with webSURGE Digital Marketing. In this video, I’m going to share another way to improve your company’s online presence in Rochester. This method has been a key factor in helping our clients improve their online presence and we believe it can help you too.

So what is it?

You need to enrich your website with content. What’s written on your website will that help the eighty percent of B2B buyers  who check your website to make a purchase decision. If your website is nothing more than a digital business card then your competitors are going to blow you out of the water!

B2B buyers check to see if your business is active knowledgeable and their best choice. Google knows this. That’s why Google’s page 1 results future websites that are actively providing answers to search questions.

So how can you climb up to page one?

You can do this by enriching your website with content. Provide company information that answers common questions, post engaging images graphics and videos that highlight your products and services, offer helpful resources like industry news, educational materials, and product tutorials.

When you start to write, this information you’ll naturally incorporate important keywords. Keywords or what your prospects enter into Google search bar to find companies like yours.  The more Google sees those keywords used in a valuable way on your website the more likely the search engine will select your web pages as top-level options to show potential customers. Bottom line add variable search friendly content to your website to improve your online presence.