How Top Manufacturers are Attracting Star Applicants

We get it – finding qualified employees to run your machines is tough. The market is competitive and everyone who seems to be employable is already employed. That’s why we developed this program, and are now sharing our process with you so you can do it yourself.

This guide will lead you step by step to everything you need to know to start getting quality applications through social media advertising. We’ll review…

  • What platform to use to attract the type of employee you need
  • Suggested budgets and timelines for ad spend
  • Ad templates to get you started
  • How to navigate Facebook Ads Manager with the intention of recruitment
  • How to troubleshoot and optimize your ads to make them as successful as possible

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and start attracting star manufacturing employees to your company
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The Industry-Wide Skilled Labor Shortage

In a 2018 study by Deloitte, it was estimated that in the next decade, 2.4 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled due to the manufacturing skills gap, resulting in millions of dollars worth of unrealized revenue. In a separate study released by The Manufacturing Institute, 75% of manufacturers are facing a moderate-to-severe shortage of skilled labor.

Job Boards and Job Fairs Aren't Enough

To fill empty positions, manufacturing recruiters are turning to traditional forms of recruitment such as job boards, billboards, job fairs, radio ads, tv ads, print ads, and more. And while these forms can bring in qualified applicants, they’re passive methods that offer manufacturers little to no ability to target the exact kind of employee they want. Manufacturers need to get creative with their advertising tactics when it comes to recruitment and turn to an active way of finding qualified applicants: social media.

Chart with $$$ based on this with reach, targeting capabilities (thumbs up on a scale)


How the Campaign Works

If this is your first time to social media advertising, you’re in good company. This workbook was meant for beginners who need help getting started. The image to the right shows how a successful social media recruitment campaign will work to bring you the quality applicants you’ve been missing.

Every step of the campaign will be covered – from initial ideation to final optimization. By the time you’ve worked through this manual, you’ll have a successful social media campaign that’s raking in star applications.

Complete Workbook with Templates

This workbook is an actionable, step-by-step manual that will take you through the entire process of attracting top applicants through social media. We’ve included additional resources, URLs, and plenty of screenshots so you can follow along with ease. Our goal is to teach you everything we know and put the power in your hands, giving you the skills and know-how to execute a social media recruitment campaign on your own.


Troubleshooting and Optimizing

This workbook contains an entire section devoted to troubleshooting and optimizing designed to turn a good campaign into a great campaign – because we understand that your bosses are always demanding more. If you have any questions about how to make your campaign perform better, this will answer them. 

Your company is always looking to improve. We’ll help you do just that.

Unsure if it Will Work?

Advantech Industries, a sheet metal manufacturing company in Rochester, New York, contracted us to bring them qualified applicants on social media in August 2018 using the exact same techniques this workbook will teach you. Here’s what Marissa, the HR Manager at Advantech, had to say about the results.

Download the Workbook

and start attracting star manufacturing employees to your company.

ManRec Social Media Download