Is Your Advertising Method Working for You?

There’s a whole new trend in marketing developing – rapidly developing! Over the past two months, and with no sign of letting up, the Facebook phenomena has actually surpassed Google as an information gathering method. More people are now seeking information, and you can read that as being product referrals, from their ‘friends’ on Facebook instead of spending the time to search elsewhere, such as online in Google or Bing. What does that mean for marketing our products? Let’s dig just a little bit deeper.

For a century or more, the premier means of advertising has been through the media of newsprint. Newspaper and magazine sales are falling. The results gained by radio and TV have not paid off to advertisers. And yet, due mostly to declining customer interest in these time tested medias, the price of those advertisements keeps climbing. We have entered the digital age and customers have become increasingly dependent on their computers for all their product information.

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and playing telephone text rather than telephone tag, the spreading of information has become instantaneous and it doesn’t matter whether it is gossip or whether it is about your product. It is spreading like wildfire and shows no chance of slowing down. The bottom line is, when Fred or Felicia want information, they sit down at the computer to find it. And Facebook – and other sites like it – have replaced hanging over the back yard fence for chatting, discussing topics, or getting product/service referrals.

So, back to the topic question: Is your advertising method working for you? Are you online as a business? Do you have a way of keeping your internet company ‘hits’ high on the list of digital referrals? Are you featured on Facebook and actively building a referring circle of online friends across the globe? Do customers tweet your name when they Twitter a friend? If not, perhaps it is time to rethink your advertising budget and invest in digital advertising.

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