Case Study:
WorldWide Electric

Global manufacturing company optimizes services

WorldWide Electric manufactures and ships electric motors and related products to distributors all over the globe. Before working with webSURGE, their website did not accurately represent their updated inventory, or enhancements of their classic products.

WorldWide Electric hired webSURGE to execute a complete website redevelopment and marketing strategy. Within the first year, webSURGE successfully performed the following:

  • Organized and added content to ~30 product and industry categories
  • Optimized ecommerce experience for over 7,000 products and accessories
  • Achieved 58 new first position rankings on search engines (starting at 0)
  • Increased website page speed from over 10 seconds to under 2 seconds
  • Provided the ability to measure 400+ phone call referrals per month

Customers of WorldWide Electric now have a central hub, available 24/7, to review updated products, locate specs, receive quotes, and place orders at their own convenience. In return, WorldWide has the ability to track and measure engagement to continue to improve their customer service.

Align Business Goals with Marketing Goals

We create a digital marketing strategy that aligns our marketing execution with your top-level organizational goals through an analysis of your competition, current marketing program, target persona, and company goals.