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Rohrbach Brewing Company was looking for a new website design that would help viewers distinguish between their two pub locations as well as their different menus. The new website needed to present  hours of operation, pub locations, product specials and upcoming events prominently. It also needed to provide the ability for managers to make quick edits based on which specialty brews were available on tap. The target audience is 21-34 years, which made mobile friendly “responsive” design an important consideration as well.


The existing website had a few problems. It was not responsive or engaging. The two pub locations were difficult to find and the two different menus caused a lot of confusion. Customers would arrive at one location looking for the menu from the other location. The website’s online store also needed an overhaul, as its layout was somewhat cumbersome to use. Overall, the website was an online brochure and was not intuitive or engaging.


web design Rochester ny In redesigning the website, the two pub locations were positioned front and center on the homepage. Business hours are clearly presented on each page. Their events page was designed to be more user-friendly and to increase awareness of their events by adding single event pages to highlight the details of each event. The online store is mobile friendly and products can be purchased easily. Finally, the managers were given the ability to directly edit the content of their respective locations.


Comparing October 1 through December 31, 2016  to the same period last year:

Results Chart 1Results Chart 2

Increase in new users 30.58% and an increase in returning users 19.56%. This means there has been an increase of unique visitors who have not previously visited the site during this timeframe since the new site was launched.

Bounce rate has decreased by 14.84%. This means users are staying on the site longer.
Overall session increased 27.23%. This includes all users over the course of this timeframe.

Organic ranking on Page 1 increased from 33 keywords to 43 keywords.

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