Case Study:
Pierce Industries

How an Industrial Roller Manufacturer Increased Customer Website Traffic

By partnering with webSURGE, industrial roller manufacturer Pierce Industries was able to increase regular customer website traffic by implementing a full-scale digital marketing campaign.

The improved web traffic helped them reach and engage with more share of the market.

Keyword Analysis

In 2017, Rochester-based Pierce Industries was already working with webSURGE to improve their digital presence.

Then they wanted to see more specific results, so the companies built a digital marketing campaign to target Pierce’s primary service offering: inertia friction welding.

A keyword analysis conducted together by Pierce and webSURGE allowed the roller manufacturer to see what kind of terms and phrases their customers were using online to find industrial roller manufacturing services.

The keywords that were selected received a high monthly search rate and weren’t already saturated with heavy digital competition. This was the foundation of their campaign.

Content Marketing & Sales Messaging Strategies

Next, Pierce worked with webSURGE content writers to expand the information on their service landing page.

The original web page only featured a 100-word paragraph and a few bullet points to showcase inertia welding features.

By utilizing a team of webSURGE writers that hold a training background in B2B technology sales messaging, Pierce was able to craft a business message for their service.

The business case focused on what leading decision makers care about most in their industry: how this service will save them time and money and achieve compliance.

Video Marketing & Email Marketing Campaigns

Pierce then worked with webSURGE video producers and graphic designers to create videos and emails that promoted their inertia welding service.

The videos and emails followed the business message that was developed during the early stages of writing the new landing page.

They added even more value to this message due to high quality video footage and hi-res images (that were captured onsite).

They also offered a visual way for decision makers to view exactly what the service looks like in person to better understand how the service will save them money and time and produce a better product.

email marketing

Results: Increased Traffic to Pierce’s Primary Service

By developing a thorough keyword strategy, developing original & useful content, and effectively marketing this content to our target audience, we increased traffic to Pierce’s Inertia Friction Welding page by nearly 9 times.

Of the 3,640 visitors that viewed the page, 3,048 were unique visitors, meaning Pierce extended their reach and earned more clicks in the organic rankings through our strategies.

With the bolstered content on that page, along with in-house images and custom video, visitors stayed on this page for almost 3 minutes on average, which is more than 86% longer than the previous year.

(on this chart, note that the very top row is a summation of all pages/articles related to Inertia Friction Welding; the block starting with “1.” relates specifically to the Inertia Friction Welding service page)

inertia welding website traffic

Results: Increase in Overall Traffic

Overall, traffic to the website increased more than 125% compared to the previous year.

overall website traffic

#2 on the following chart is a powerful metric – organic search is unpaid advertising that displays the Pierce website and brand on Google search results.

traffic aquisition

Compared to the previous year, Pierce saw greater than a 54% increase in organic traffic.

These search listings have residual value because unlike an ad campaign that starts and stops, our listings continue to stay on the first pages of Google so long as we continue to produce valuable and original content.

Lines 3-6 on this chart show other sources of traffic.

A massive increase in traffic from social networks (Line 3: +365%) confirmed that social should continue to be a primary channel in 2018.  By combining our custom video efforts on social media, we will continue to be ahead of the curve and see a moderate portion of overall traffic come from social channels.

Let it be known that Google Analytics (from where the above charts are pulled) is a great tool, but it’s by no means perfect.

You may have noticed a considerable “drop” in traffic from emails, though when we look at the reports from our email marketing software, we see different results.

email marketing email marketing email marketing

Each email sent dozens of people to the website; they clicked on a link that sent them to an article or web page the further explained the content of the email.

Results: Increased Traffic Brings in More Leads

Traffic is great – but what does it mean for business?

The increases in traffic resulted in 49 form submissions (about 1 per week), with 31 submissions on forms for requesting a quote.

These leads are passed on the sales team who works to understand the prospect’s need and see if there is a potential fit for a partnership between the companies.


Want to Increase Customer Website Traffic?

We hope this case study has clearly shown you the power that digital marketing has to improve customer website traffic.

If you’d like to increase your traffic, please contact us.

Remember that the first steps in achieving results like the ones Pierce reached is to complete a digital marketing analysis.

We believe this starting point will give you accurate insight to determine if digital marketing will help you get more and better customer leads from your website to grow your business.

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