Case Study:
LeFrois Builders & Developers


LeFrois Builders & Developers objective was to have a digital online presence to drive interest, promote their brand, and support their property leasing. Email marketing was needed to stay in communication with their prospects. They also needed assistance with running print ads. With many moving parts that needed improvement, a full ad agency was a must to coordinate.


LeFrois’ lack of an online presence meant they didn’t show up organically for search results and their website wasn’t being found by search engines. Their old website wasn’t developed in a user-friendly platform and was not responsive. It lacked the necessary functionality to properly demonstrate their available lease properties. LeFrois also did not have a system or process in place for sending email blasts out to current and future prospects to notify them of available properties, current and completed projects, groundbreaking events, grand openings, and current news.

Web Pages


print ads constructionLeFrois’ website was fully redesigned as a user-friendly platform with beautiful hi-res imagery and video of their actual worksites (both completed and in-progress). Redeveloped for the new website, LeFrois’ available lease properties are not listed with quick-view thumbnails next to a local responsive map to offer prospective tenants location-specific options. When the property thumbnails are clicked, prospective tenants are offered a portal function that was added to instantly generate downloadable brochures with the click of a button. This property portal also automatically updates a string of code that is used to design a monthly email blast. The email blast includes all of the available properties listed on the website (including ongoing updates), which allows LeFrois to reach out to prospective tenants who are unaware of their latest available properties. Another email blast is also designed every quarter to be sent as a newsletter to those prospective clients, as well as past/present clients, and local organizations with information regarding LeFrois’ seasonal accomplishments and updates.


The newly designed LeFrois website is faster, features easy-to-use navigation, dynamic visuals, engaging content, a responsive mobile-friendly design, and was made with the end-user in mind. LeFrois’ website received an award for Best of the Web Awards in 2016 by Rochester Business Journal. The new website gave LeFrois a digital presence which is being noticed. LeFrois’ organic search traffic increased as a result of over 100 keywords positioned on Google’s Page 1.

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