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Gregg R Chalmers
Cummins-Wagner, Co., Inc.

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Cummins-Wagner, Co., Inc.


Cummins-Wagner needed a user- and mobile-friendly website that managed all their national locations in one place. The website required an employee portal to review and evaluate all their employees, with the ability to include time-sensitive courses and trainings.


Initially, Cummins-Wagner owned 5 different websites, one for each of their national locations. The sites were not coordinated, and traffic was very low. In addition, since Cummins-Wagner is 100% employee owned, they needed an effective way to review and evaluate all employees.

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During their website redesign, we combined all 5 state locations into a single website. Each location is customized for the products it sells. Throughout the redesign, we researched their competitors’ keywords as well as how their current customers search for products and services. We incorporated our findings to streamline the customers’ experience. For SEO, we optimized the content using these keywords.

We implemented Google AdWords in one location to reach new customers and drive traffic. The campaign brought in 54,420 impressions and 367 clicks over the course of 18 weeks.


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CW Portal Page

250 employees active in custom portal

Increased Mobile Traffic

Increased Organic Search

Increased Session Duration

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