Case Study:
Advanced Coating Service

How a Manufacturing Technology Company Increased Customer Lead Generation

By partnering with webSURGE, manufacturing technology company Advanced Coating Service (ACS) was able to increase their amount of regular customer leads by implementing a full-scale digital marketing campaign. The improved lead generation helped them further reach their fair share of the market and close more business deals. We believe you can do the same. If this sounds interesting to you, continue reading for the full story.

Expanded Manufacturing Technology Services

Since 2001, Rochester-based ACS maintained a strong presence in the market for applying PVD coating to a wide range of OEM products (i.e., cutting and forming tools). In 2016, the company was determined to extend the profitable benefits of coating technology to even more markets. As a result, ACS hired a key engineer who held extensive experience manufacturing technology that develops medical and precious metal R&D coatings.

There remained only one problem: Their customer base only saw ACS as a tool coating provider. Customers in the medical device and R&D coating market were looking elsewhere for ACS’s expanded services. ACS needed to get their message out to new prospective customers. After some research, the ACS team was convinced that the most cost effective and results-driven method to reach new customers was to invest in the digital presence of their business.

Performed Digital Marketing Analysis

In the fall of 2016, ACS consulted with Webster-based agency webSURGE to perform a digital marketing analysis. This was an extremely important first step. The comprehensive analysis measured keywords used by prospective customers and the purpose of their use across all digital channels. This starting point provided ACS with a benchmark for their digital presence. It told them what keywords related to their services received the most monthly searches. It also told them how difficult it would be to get their website to rank higher than competitors on search engine results pages for those keywords. This keyword analysis gave ACS the direction they needed to formulate a measurable plan that could increase their digital presence, reach new prospects, and improve lead generation.

ACS website before and after

Updated & Redesigned Website

The first step of this plan was to redesign their outdated website. After the analysis, ACS found that many of the keywords searched for by new prospects were either missing or not in prominent positions on their website. ACS partnered with the SEO specialists and content writers at webSURGE to review, revise, and add missing keywords to every page on the website. They also worked with webSURGE graphic designers to unify website aesthetics with brand colors, hi-res images, and video. The redesign also helped to refine the website navigation and calls-to-action for improved user experience and customer conversions (such as an increase in the amount and visibility of quick quote contact forms to receive lead submissions). Last, ACS worked with webSURGE web developers to redevelop the website to exceed Google’s standards for dynamic functionality, any-device responsiveness, and search engine scannability. This upgrade brought the website up to par with the standards set by modern online searchers, which also appeased Google to present it as a valuable resource in search results.

ACS website design screenshoACS website design

Launched Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, & Google Ads Campaign

While the website was being redeveloped, ACS also worked with the content writers and social media managers at webSURGE to launch a content marketing strategy, social media marketing, and a Google Ads campaign. This included the creation of fresh industry-related articles (500-1,000 words) that were published monthly on their website, brand-focused or educational social media posts that were published weekly across multiple ACS-branded channels, and search ads that ran everyday for a budget on the Google Display Network. The SEO specialists also added backlinks to the ACS website across multiple online directories to increase exposure and prove its authority to Google. Once these were implemented, webSURGE also helped ACS to build an email marketing campaign to further establish thought leadership by promoting the content they were generating to current customers.

Results: Increased Lead Generation & Brand Awareness

After launching the new website and implementing these marketing strategies, ACS was surprised to find that their email contact and quick quote forms went from ZERO website submissions to an average of 19 per month!

2017 ACS Website Form Submissions

website lead submission

The reason for such an incredible jump in a short time is likely due to the fact that NO ONE in their industry is focused on digital presence, but customers ARE! To further illustrate this, below is data that compares ACS website traffic from 2016 to 2017. As you can see, there was a 98.46% increase in organic search traffic.

ACS website traffic analytics

Want to Increase Your Customer Lead Generation?

We hope this case study has clearly shown you the power that digital marketing has to improve and increase lead generation. If lead generation is important to you, please contact us. Remember that the first steps in achieving results like the ones ACS reached is to complete a digital marketing analysis. We believe this starting point will give you accurate insight to determine if digital marketing will help you get more and better customer leads to grow your business.

Align Business Goals with Marketing Goals

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