3 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Are you technologically challenged? We’ve noticed many experienced businesses are getting slammed in their industry by the influence of the digital age. If you hope to continue gaining business in a culture that depends on

  • Google,
  • smartphones,
  • tablets, and
  • computers

as their primary source of information, then you need to seriously improve your online presence.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 3 great ways to start improving your online presence.

1. Care More About Your Website

It sounds silly, but this need is true for several businesses we’ve met in the Rochester area.

Depending on the industry, C-level executives and VPs tend to be confident in their traditional marketing approach and hum and haw at the importance of their company’s website. They see it as a necessary evil to appease the trend of modern culture, or their unfamiliarity causes them to pay little attention to its value.

However, marketing managers know the longstanding value of business websites in today’s market. A 2014 report showed 94% of B2B buyers research online, including 84.3% who said they check a business’ website prior to a purchase decision.

A neglected website risks losing the interest of over three-fourths of your company’s prospects. To put it more positively, a website redesigned to drive your business goals has the opportunity to nurture more than 80% of your potential buyers!

That’s reason enough to care MORE about your website. Make sure it’s given more than half of your marketing attention and efforts.

2. Enrich Your Website with Content

Is your website looking pretty useless?

If there’s nothing more written on your website than “salesy” terms that match your business card, your web presence is going to sink. Your website needs more than directory information.

Prospects want to see for themselves that your business is active, knowledgeable, and their best choice. Google knows this, and suggests websites to its users that are actively providing answers to search questions. How do you accomplish this?

Enrich your website with content such as:

  • Descriptions that are brand-conscious & answers commons questions
  • Images & videos that highlight your products / services
  • Landing pages that offer an in-depth knowledge of your industry
  • Helpful resources (e.g., news, tutorials, and educational media) 

In providing this content, you’ll naturally incorporate important keywords. Keywords are what people are entering into Google search bars to find companies like yours. The more Google sees those keywords used in a valuable way on your website, the more likely they are going to select your webpages as options to show potential customers.

User-friendly, relevant, and authoritative content will improve your online presence.

3. Market Your Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you’re producing excellent content on your website, how do you get it in front of an audience that will buy from you?

The answer is that mysterious term: “search engine optimization.” SEO is a growing practice of digital efforts that help prove the value and authority of your company’s website.

SEO isn’t just a push of a button. It involves an ever-changing number of ongoing best practices.

It includes creating honest, reliable backlinks to your website from other websites, social media, and online directories. It also involves keywords that people are entering as search engine quarries (as stated above). To optimize your website for search engines, you should observe the keywords used in the content and make sure they are being used in all the right places:

  • Menu titles
  • URLs (webpage address)
  • Page headings (h1 tags)
  • Internal copy
  • Alt tags / image names (and other places only computers can see in the coding of your website)

Of course there is way more that goes into search engine optimization than we have time to include in this post.

Follow our steps and you’ll be on your way to improving your online presence and driving more business!
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