3 Valuable Marketing Metrics Every Manager Needs

3 Valuable Marketing Metrics Every Manager Needs

You’ve been the marketing manager at your company for several years now, but just can’t seem to prove the value of your efforts. You’re not really sure what is or isn’t working. You know the solution lies within an accurate measurement of your work, but how do you produce that data?

SURPRISE! It’s already being produced for you.

All you need to do is access the valuable marketing metrics that are already being collected for you. So let’s talk about what’s out there. What valuable marketing metrics are available today to measure your effectiveness and refine your strategy?

1. SEO Analytics

This is a good place to start. There are many tools available that measure the pagerank of websites on search engines for all the keywords used by searchers. This data will tell you where your website ranks for keywords that are likely being used by your customers. You can also spy on your competitors’ pagerank for ideas on what keywords need attention.

Takeaway: Keyword page rank is a valuable marketing metric because it indicates how your website gets found online.

2. Google Analytics

Many marketing managers know about Google Analytics, but do they realize how valuable it can be to boost sales and find more visitors? While it would take hours to uncover all of the valuable marketing metrics that Google Analytics has to offer, here are some highlights:

  • Measure origin of web traffic (e.g., keywords, search engines, social channels, direct)
  • Discover primary audience (e.g., location, language, demographic, interest topics)
  • Determine majority of devices used (e.g., desktop, mobile)
  • Analyze visitor behavior per page (e.g., views, duration, sessions, unique visits)
  • Monitor campaign effectiveness through conversion paths

Takeaway: Google Analytics provide valuable marketing metrics that help determine the behavior and value of the visitors on your website.

3. Social Media Analytics

Lastly, we’ll cover some of the valuable marketing metrics available through social media. You can think of social media as the measure of the effectiveness of your brand. Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide tracking for your ads, promotions, and regular posts. With social media, you can measure:

  • Number of people reached, and who you’re reaching by means of:
    • Demographics and geographic locations
    • Occupations, interests
  • How your audience is responding through:
    • Number of views (and duration of views for videos)
    • Clicks, shares, comments, likes

Takeaway: One advantage of social media is that they offer valuable marketing metrics that can help you prove the effectiveness of your branding efforts.

These analytics can help you to accurately measure what makes a sale for your business. They allow you to analyze data, suggest new marketing opportunities, and restructure campaigns to deliver qualified leads.

Want to learn how to use these valuable marketing metrics to prove to your boss that you’re making a difference?

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