Running the marketing department by yourself is like a crazy night of putting the kids to bed.

One kid refuses to brush her teeth, while the other starts crying because he superglued his hand to the wall. Meanwhile, the dog comes yipping into the hall with bright green clumps of Play-Doh stuck in her fur. After a few hours of shenanigans, you decide you’d rather be in bed yourself.

Do you feel the same sense of exhaustion when it comes to work?

Your stress and exhaustion might stem from these three common mistakes marketing managers make with their budget, time, and resources.

  1. You’re trying to be EVERYWHERE

You’ve been in the marketing field for a long time. You’ve seen what works. That’s why you’re busy making sure your company is featured at trade shows, on billboards, in print ads, newsletters, flyers, and radio or television spots every couple of quarters.

But now these methods are eating up your marketing dollars without bringing enough return. The problem is, you’re trying to be everywhere instead of focusing that effort on a targeted, measurable audience. Instead of exerting so much energy on blasting your brand everywhere, start saving those blasts for the right audience.

Here are some ways that make it easy to reach a specific and measurable audience:

  • social media (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • digital content (ads / publications)
  • search engine optimization (SEO)

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  1. You’re a “jack of all trades,” but a MASTER of none

You have a load of experience with marketing, you launch multiple campaigns every quarter, set up social accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn, and you even dabble in digital ads with tools like Google AdWords. But in the end, your knowledge is being stretched too thin across multitudes of marketing avenues. You’re being pulled into so many directions that you can’t focus. You don’t have time to invest, grow, and get better at what you’re good at without dropping the ball in another area. In order for a business to increase in sales and brand awareness it needs a team of experts to plug away at the various avenues of marketing. As a result, you will have the ability to produce measured marketing results that prove the success of your efforts.

  1. You’re not MEASURING your marketing efforts

Tired of being torn into at budget meetings? Did the CFO suggest marketing cutbacks? This happens when you busy yourself by juggling campaigns without investing in analytics that accurately measure your marketing efforts. In other words, you send out massive amounts of brochures, promos, and discounts, but have no way of tracking their effectiveness. You have no idea what kind of people are reading them, if they’re reading them, or how they’re responding. A lack of marketing statistics equates to a lack of support for your marketing budget.

Our three examples above are only some of the common ways marketing managers are not getting the best return on investment from their marketing budgets. A great place to start improving ROI is by using metrics. Check out our free cheat sheet below for tips on how to produce metrics your boss actually cares about.