Meet the Team

webSURGE is a team of digital marketers who partner with organizations in complex B2B selling environments. We are a tight-knit group that works with integrity to achieve personal and professional goals.

An agile group of B2B marketers

We’re not focused on fulfilling contracts, we’re focused on bringing results. We can do that because the leadership team is committed to employee relationships and personal development, and this trusting and supportive environment allows employees to take necessary risks without fear of failure. In the past year alone, those risks have developed five new lead-generating programs from the ground up. Because we’re a team who doesn’t give up, but adapts to find the best solution.

Led By Joe and Beckie

Joe Crestuk Beckie Crestuk Company
Joe Crestuk, President. Beckie Crestuk, Media Director.

Joe isn’t your typical CEO, mainly because you’ll never catch him wearing a tie. He’s a down to earth guy who came from humble roots. In 2007, Joe started this little venture in the basement of his home with an outsourced marketing team in India, and the company has done nothing but grow since. His basement-business has turned into a digital marketing powerhouse.

Joe lives for webSURGE, but he’s a passionate guy all around. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it 100%. He doesn’t just get “interested” in things, he gets committed to them (which is why he has seen such professional success over the past decade!).

Joe is also passionate about volunteering, especially by working with adults struggling with addiction and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Joe also runs a speaker program where he educates B2B companies and other marketers on how to harness the power of digital to generate leads.

Beckie, or as we lovingly call her, Office Den Mother, has been by Joe’s side since day one, doing whatever she could to help webSURGE succeed, and her generous and caring attitude still rings true today. She is our in-house photographer (and a great one at that!) but is never hesitant to lend a hand to someone in need, even when she doesn’t have time.

She’s a sharer of stories, lover of sunflowers, creative genius, and amazing wife and mother.

Anchored by our Developers

Beautiful websites and handy integrations are the foundation of all of our digital marketing efforts. They speak multiple languages, can program a raspberry pie, and can get the whole office reeling in laughter with their sense of humor. Fueled by coffee and driven by their dedication, our development team work wonders that keep the rest of us in awe of their talent…

Scott Coullard VP Lead Developer webSURGE Team
Scott Coullard, VP & Lead Developer

Whoever coined the phrase “crazy cat lady” didn’t know Scott. He lives with his wife, Lynn, multiple cats, and soon-to-be baby girl (expected April 2019!).

Whenever we ask Scott if his development team can build some wild creation from our imagination, he smiles at us and says “yes, we can build anything.” And he means it. We have thrown some really tough custom development projects his way and he always delivers exactly what we hope for.

Marc Ramsperger Digital Technologist Company
Marc Ramsperger, Digital Technologist & Developer

A lot of people are surprised to find out that Marc is a developer. He’s a pretty well-socialized, normal guy who really likes Pink Floyd.

He and his wife, Sara, seem to have a never-ending network of friends and they always know of the coolest new restaurant that just opened up.

After work, Marc spends his nights as a volunteer taxi driver for his two kids, Lily and Jake.

Michael Pisanzio Developer Company
Michael Pisanzio, Developer

If you ever have the privilege of meeting Michael P, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll do whatever you can just to spend a day inside of his incredibly over-analytical head because you’ll be so intrigued by the conversation you have with him.

It’s no surprise, then, that Michael P works on highly technical stuff here, like SEO optimization and custom development.

He’s almost always working late, except when he has a Bills game or rock concert to catch.

Enhanced by our Creative Director

Lisa Courtney Holmes Creative Dir Company
Lisa Courtney-Holmes, Creative Director

Lisa’s vocabulary is off the charts. She regularly drops words like “tepid,” “octogenarian,” “pontificate,” and “nebulous.”

We like to believe that Lisa was Wonder Woman’s role model. She gives 100% to everything she does and somehow manages to balance working full time, being a (really great) mother, volunteering, and being an active member of her community flawlessly; she really makes the whole thing look so easy. We wonder how she has the time and energy.

Lisa is always designing beautiful websites, jetting off to volunteer at her daughter’s school or watch her son’s fishing tournament, adopting a dog, or going on a yearly “girls weekend” trip with the seven best friends she has had since birth.

You’ll recognize Lisa the moment you see her thanks to her artistic sense of style and vibrant head of red, curly hair.

Published by our writers

Our content creation team brings your subject matter knowledge and expertise to life through articles, infographics, interactive web content, email newsletters, and more. United by their love of learning, oxford commas, and client success stories, this team works together to make your marketing content as polished as possible.

Kendall Brittingham, Content Director

As far as Content Directors go, Kendall is head and shoulders above the rest…and not just because she literally stands head and shoulders above just about everyone in the office at 6’2”.

Kendall wears many hats around webSURGE including Office DJ (sneaking in her all-time favorite band, the Eagles, anytime she can), Team Bonding Advocate (instigating legendary events such as our Halloween costume party), and Resident Baker (whipping up goodies like apple pie for her work-fam to drool over).

Off the clock, you can catch her inspiring middle-school aged girls as a volleyball coach for a local club or enthralled in the latest PBS Masterpiece.

Kendall’s eclectic personality lends itself well to brainstorming creative ideas for our clients’ content plans, and her eye for the big-picture keeps us all on track.

Alyssa DiCrasto Content Creator Company
Alyssa DiCrasto, Content Creator

Don’t be fooled by Alyssa’s sweet demeanor; she’s a hard-core Pittsburgh Steelers fan and will pounce on anyone who trash-talks her first love.

Speaking of love, Alyssa has a lot of it in her life. She is one of eight siblings, four of whom are much younger than she is. The office hears many stories about her adorably sassy 10-year-old sister, Princess Abbi, and the hilarious foibles of her three 7-year-old brothers. She also loves her hometown, Pittsburgh, frozen yogurt, and of course, her husband.

Alyssa, a writer by nature, likes to have long, uninterrupted periods of quiet time to translate all of her thoughts into writing. You’ll usually find her facing the window with her back to everyone, tuning everyone out and sharpening her craft.

Enhanced by our Growth Team

The strategy team takes the beautiful work from our writers, designer, and developers, and ensures the content reaches the right audience in the right channels. They’re analytical, detail-oriented, and always keep the rest of the team on their toes with new ideas.

Michael Agnello Strategy Director Company
Michael Agnello, Strategy Director

“What did you do this weekend, Michael?”

“Golf. And lots of it.”

His love for golf doesn’t surprise us one bit, because Michael is obsessed for precision. He won’t settle for good; he’ll only settle for perfect.

Before webSURGE, Michael owned his own business and used Facebook as his main marketing platform. After a few rounds of unsuccessful ads, he learned that bad advertising was not only a huge drain on his finances, but it meant lost time and lost opportunities for his business. He tested the algorithm, experimented with creative, and analyzed web design to find an ad formula that worked. He brings that process with him to help our clients see results through the online channels he helps to manage.

Outside of work and during the non-golf season, you’ll likely catch Michael reading a marketing or philosophy book, building things with his son, Mikey, or going for short sprint runs outside.

Jesse Pelkey Strategist webSURGE Team
Jesse Pelkey, Strategist

When you first meet Jesse, you might think he’s a pretty serious guy. He is very methodical and purposeful, typically very focused on whatever task he’s working on with his eyes totally locked onto his computer.

But sooner or later, you’ll see his very photogenic smile pop out and know that that is the real Jesse Pelkey – he just puts on his serious face when it’s time to get down to business.

Another thing you’ll notice about Jesse when you first meet him? He wears a lot of turtlenecks, and they’re classy as heck.

Jesse’s background is in sports and news broadcasting (he’s even worked with the Bills!), and he has taken over much of the video webSURGE produces.

His meticulous personality also makes him a perfect fit for our strategy team.

Cheered on by Thunder

Thunder Office Dog2 Company
Thunder, Office Dog

The webSURGE office wouldn’t be complete without our office dog and biggest cheerleader, Thunder. Follow his adventures on Instagram!

And Loved by Our Clients