Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps save your team valuable time by automating and measuring important marketing and sales tasks that help grow the business. A quality marketing automation program provides internet engagement data back to your sales team, who can use the data to prioritize and streamline their sales activities.

Marketing automation makes sales and marketing more effective

Marketing automation helps pass valuable insight from marketing initiatives to the sales team by linking data in channels and websites to the CRM and lead management systems. It gives marketers more time to focus on strategy and execution (not administrative tasks) and gives the sales team more time to close deals.

Warm Up Cool Leads Marketing Automation

Warm Up Cool Leads for the Sales Team

More than half of the leads the convert on your website won’t be ready to buy on the day they convert. If you call these leads and push them into making a decision too quickly (i.e. before they are ready), it’s less likely that they will turn into customers.
But these are valuable leads, so just because they’re not ready to purchase now doesn’t mean they will never be ready. If you’re not managing these leads properly, you’re wasting your time, marketing resources, and money. This is where marketing automation comes in.

Align Business Goals with Marketing Goals

We create a digital marketing strategy that aligns our marketing execution with your top-level organizational goals through an analysis of your competition, current marketing program, target persona, and company goals.