Digital Marketing Analysis

The digital marketing analysis produces data and insight that will enable your company to plan and execute an effective, comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will ultimately generate qualified leads for your sales team.

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The Marketing Analysis: What’s in It for You

A digital marketing analysis is the starting point for an online presence that speaks directly to your ideal audience in their own language, differentiating you from your competitor and generating the right kind of leads.

Once the analysis is completed, you will be ready to develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

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Step Two: Target Persona

The most important element of your digital marketing strategy is your target persona, or your ideal buyer. You can scream how you think your product or service is valuable from the rooftops, but if you’re not telling the right person why it’s valuable to them, they won’t buy from you.

Based on research, we will help you identify and understand your ideal buyer, where they search for information, and how they speak about your products, services, and industry online. This will uncover how we can reach them online and will help deliver content that will turn their interest into a sale.

DMA Marketing Prescription

Step Five: Marketing Prescription

With marketing analysis complete, we can determine the types, balance, and priority of marketing activities and provide you with a set of recommendations moving forward. If you choose to work with us in the future, we center all digital marketing execution around the foundation established in this analysis. If you choose not to, you still have a powerful tool that allows you to explore opportunities for marketing success and business growth.

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