Why should you care about social media?

Think your B2B clients will scoff if you suggest to mix social media into their marketing campaigns?

If they do, they don’t realize that 74% of all internet users are active on social media (see graph by Pew Research Center below).

As a result, social media platforms continue to develop more ways for businesses to reach these audiences. And we’re not just talking local mom and pop shops. Social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, cater to businesses from retail franchises to major manufacturing companies.

Okay, we get it: social media is following the same advertising trend as television and radio. But can social media services really bring as much value?

Let’s find out.

Instant & Segmented Reports

Social media platforms offer businesses the opportunity to view clear and concise reports on a

  • yearly,
  • monthly,
  • weekly,
  • daily,
  • and even instantaneous basis.

These reports are FREE and AUTO-generated as soon as a business creates an account.

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Which social media channels should you use?

The more the merrier! If you have content pumping out of multiple social media channels then search engines will have that many more pages of yours to place under their search results.

However, multiple channels can be a challenge to maintain (depending on the size of your agency). If you only have a few employees to create, publish, and monitor social media campaigns, then it’s best to concentrate on the social media channels that host the majority of your target audience.

  • Do you sell directly to consumers or to businesses?
  • Do you sell big budget or consumer grade items?

Questions like these help to determine which social media channels you should use for the best marketing results.

Branding & Targeting

You can promote brand awareness by using the options provided by social media channels to pinpoint the perfect target audience. Promote your message to qualified prospects by choosing to send it to a precise

  • demographic,
  • interest group,
  • geographical area,
  • or even occupation type.

While most social media services are free, the targeting and branding aspects start to dip into the premium level.

Unfortunately, nothing of value stays FREE for long.

What’s the difference between just setting up a social media account yourself and budgeting for marketing? Well, most of these social media services cap the reach of business ads and messages… even if users opt-in to receive them as fans.

However, a budget allows you to promote your messages to ensure they get viewed by an audience that may be interested in your business.

Organically, an average small business ad might be able to reach somewhere below a hundred views. With a marketing budget, that same message could easily reach up to thousands of views.

Think that’s enough for social media marketing to make as big of an impact as television and radio? If not, download our guide to see how one social media platform can generate leads and drive sales.